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Walk the Pooch website goes live!

March 19, 2018

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There's so much more to designing a great website than just making it look pretty with a nice colour palette and some branding. Those things are awesome but they're just top layer 'skin' stuff; you need a well thought-out user journey and a site that functions the way it should with barely any effort from the user.

Walk the pooch is a new startup business based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. They approached The Takeover in January to help them launch their new website. Having spent time researching and contacting local agencies in Shropshire they were left confused as to weather they needed a website! With quotes escalating and struggling to find a likewise company that could understand their business goals and challenges. We were pleased to hear that they found The Takeover a breath of fresh air in helping them find a solution to resolving their business goal. 

A passionate scoping session including the whole team plus pooches, lead to a startup package being the ideal starting point, we believe that every business has building blocks and we are already excited for phase 2 to be launched Summer 2018 when we meet the Walk the pooch team to discuss developments of an online booking process. 

Understand the goals of your website

Before we got started with walk the pooch we asked them about the goals of their business, and also the main goal for their website; which was to drive enquiries for dog walking in Bridgnorth. Knowing the purpose of your website is the first step in mapping out how your users should be using it!


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List all the pages you could possible need, then start combining

Go crazy with a pen and paper and just write down whatever page or piece of information you think you'll need on your website, then once it's all out of your head, start combining pages that may have duplicate or similar information in order to cut the amount down. Less pages is not only better for the user to cope with, it's also better for you to manage! Walk the pooch chose our small business website package that included and Homepage plus 3 extra pages.

Prioritise information and be ruthless

Perhaps this is stylistic preference, but I very much believe that less is more. Keep the information on each page to a minimum, and include plenty of white space, using visual photography or branded graphics to say 40% of your information. As you can see below we have used a graphic to display key pricing information in a easy to read

Provide clear call to actions

One of the most important things in your website design is to include call to actions - buttons, links and commands that encourage your user to take action (be that buying a product, joining a newsletter or going to your booking form). Include at least one call to action on each page, if not two (one near the top and one near the bottom!). 

Get feedback & tweak !

Having others use and review their experience of your website is essential! Even if it's just your family and friends, getting feedback on the journeys they take through your site is incredible useful for tweaking and improving.

At The Takeover we would like to wish Walk the pooch the very best for the future and we are excited  about our partnership going forward, see you in the lovely Bridgnorth countryside soon!


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